The Beach at Cot Valley Cornwall

Summer vs Winter

The Beach at Cot Valley Cornwall

My beloved home - I grew up in far West Cornwall, the nearest town is St Just.

A couple of pics of myself and Bob

Myself and my Husband (Bob)

Our only child, Lawrie

Married a lovely local Plymouth girl on the 6th May 2017.- Hannah.

Lawrie and Hannah's Wedding

This is my mum, Muriel Jordan, she has sadly passed away since Lawrie and Hannahs Wedding. The good thing is that she was there. We nursed mum at home and gave her the best home situation as we could. We worked together as a team taking turns to look after her.

(Lawrie) - It was an honour to give gran our love and attention. She was not just my nan but my best friend too. RIP X always in my heart, thoughts and prayers.
Rev Alison Richardson and Alice
Rev A Richardson meeting June for a Coffee